Metal clay, Polymer clay, Air Dry Clay,
Paverpol, Doll Art & Mixed Media.
OCTOBER 26th to 29th, 2018
Greenhills Conference Centre
Cotter Road, Canberra, Australia


 The REGISTRATION FORM will be available late February

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FRIDAY 26th OCTOBER, 1.30 to 5.30 & 7.00 to 9.00pm 

POLYMER CLAY PIXIE ART DOLL......  Part One with Bobbi Oliver


Come join Bobbi Oliver and create a polymer mixed media Art Doll. Sculpting head and hands in clay. Learn how to create a sturdy armature for your Art Doll any size in full realistic proportion. Create an interesting engaging pose and dress your doll in as simple or as elaborate clothing as you choose. We will explore making simple patterns for clothing and shoes and how to make your clothing look realistic and natural on the doll. Open to new doll makers and even more techniques for more experienced doll makers and previous students.


Kit includes: Everything needed to make a simple version of the above doll as well as a step by step information handout to you can go home and repeat what you have learned. Except for what is required you to bring see list.

You need to bring:

Needle nose plyers, full size not jewelry plyers


Pen and paper for notes


Basic sewing kit

Sculpting tools

Sewing cloth type tape measure

Skein of cheap wool, black if you have it any color will do

1 spool (black) Gutermann polyester thread, M782-100 Metre

A square of craft felt that goes with your below preferred colour scheme or bring black felt square


For clothing pattern making or to wrap clothing -

Bring cotton fat quarter fabrics in colours/patterns that look good together, choose tiny scale patterns on the fabric or I prefer abstract, tie dyed patterns to checks, stripes or large flowers or other. If you want also add silk fabric, fur, leather and other embellishments. Think in small scale textures or designs.

IF you want me to bring you 2 fat quarters of cotton and a piece of felt to match that complement each other and assorted ribbons and embellishments in a kit. Add $25.00 to kit cost and your colour preference. Purple, Blue, Red, Pink, brown, green.

WOOD CUT WONDERS with Gaye Nieuwenhof

The technique for making woodcuts is the same as for linocuts, but the result is different due to the grain of the wood when printed.

This workshop is for beginners and more experienced printmakers alike.

We will complete two plates to be overprinted.



     KIT COST $65

 Relief printing inks to share

Woodblock which will be cut in half – two halves for each student.

A 4” brayer

A baren which includes woodcutting tools.

5 sheets Hosho paper A3, 1 large sheet Japon Proofing paper A2, 5 sheets of rice paper.

Shellac (for sealing the plates).



Any additional paper to print onto. This could be paper with a print on it already.  Rice papers are good. Not magazine paper.

Rubber gloves.


Baby wipes.

Palette knives. Plastic is ok.

Pencil and pad for notes.

Some newspaper.

Paint brush (any kind will do).

Tea bag paper might be nice.

Some acrylic paint if you have it.


I will have additional supplies for sale if required. 





ADVANCED TEMARI with Wilma Simmons 

 Temari Twist

 Temari (literally translated “hand ball”) is a Japanese folk craft that originated in China and was introduced to Japan five or six hundred years ago.  Temari are highly valued and cherished gifts, symbolizing deep friendship and loyalty. The brilliant colours and threads used are also symbolic, wishing the recipient a brilliant and happy life - if you can bear to part with your temari after you have stitched them!  

The twist ball is a temari that everyone wants to achieve. To the uninitiated, it fascinates and bewilders and appears to have no beginning and no end. In this workshop, you will build upon the basic skills of stitching simple division patterns, so some experience with stitching temari would be an advantage but not essential.

Beginners are welcome as this is so much easier than it looks. However, please understand that it takes Japanese temari masters many years of practice to perfect temari stitching and this workshop is the equivalent of six hours!   



The temari kit for this workshop includes.....

        A polystyrene ball wrapped twice with wool and once with sewing thread
( ready for measuring & stitching)

          Perle cotton.

         Written instructions

If you have previously done a temari workshop, you may wish to provide your own kit and are welcome to bring your own wrapped ball and cotton.   


 A needle with an eye large enough to fit perle cotton 5 (preferably fairly long)
 Straight pins with coloured heads 
 A tape measure (essential).


(If you are unable to bring any of these supplies, please let me know and I can bring extra to the workshop for your use.)  

PMC SILVER with Pam Annesley

   PMC Construction with dried clay components

Learn PMC Construction using dried clay components. 
Make either a pendant or sculptured box. 
We will make a 3D pattern and then learn some metal clay construction techniques including using texture plates, sanding, drilling, carving and faux rivets. Learn how to join your pieces without fuss and complete your three-dimensional piece. Finish your work with a high shine or patina.


SATURDAY 27th OCTOBER, 9am to 5.30pm

POLYMER CLAY PIXIE ART DOLL, Part Two with Bobbi Oliver

 See FRIDAY for details


SEA DRAGON Wallhanging  with Lex Sorrentino

Using Apoxie Sculpt over a wire armature, foils and findings you will create a unique Wall hanging with a body length of approx 45cm (not including the tail).




KIT COST $ 50 

which includes .....

1 pound of Apoxie Sculpt
(should be enough for 2 sea dragons) 

A pair of glass eyes

Wings, tail  & head detail 

Foil for scales

wire for hanger 



Findings for spine spikes
( I used Amethyst crystals in pic spikes, copper wire.....anything!!!) 

Small beads for head detailing

Sculpting tools 

Al. foil

If travelling by air, the sea dragon should fit into your suitcase.




Learn about combining spices with polymer to create gorgeous jewellery components to adorn your inner warrior goddess.  Push your definition of "bead" to include all sorts of shapes and styles.  This class will be hugely fun with opportunities for exploration and creating unique pieces.  Minimal equipment is required and with some basic techniques you can create wonderful effects.  

We use spices fresh from the exotic Himalayas! You can still smell the adventure on them.






Contains Kato clay and all you need to make one elasticised bracelet and one necklace which is a sampler of what you have learnt. I will provide beading wire, findings, elastic, one silver coloured clasp, black seed beads of varying sizes, black yarn, ivory yarn; and of course, spices! It will also contain other lovely things I can't possibly think of this far in advance!  


What to Bring:

Pasta machine if you have one, but not used a lot in this class

Ceramic tile or tempered glass work surface need a good strong roller as we use this rather than a pasta machine

Wires to cook some of our beads on

Tissue blade (if you have, I will have spare)

Alcohol based hand wipes or paper towels

Knitting needle for smoothing

Extra tribal looking beads you think might combine well with what you make (not essential at all. You will totally have enough!)

 I will have tools like pliers etc to borrow but bring these if you have them!



MASK with Sara Feeny-Marks

 We’ll be making some fab & funky custom face masks from hot melt glue, friendly plastic
and embellishments, using silicone moulds, cutters and some freehand work.  

At the end of the class you will have made your face mask and will have a
custom face cast mould, which can be re-used to make more fabulous creations! 


 which includes.....

1.  Hot Glue Sticks 12mm

2.  Modrok

3.  Elastic/Ribbon/threads

4.  Friendly Plastic (strips & pellets)

5. Morphplast

Other Bits Supplied for Use

1.  Plastic Tub

2.  Masking Tape

3.  Acrylic Paints/Varnish/Rub & Buff

4.  Silicone Moulds

5.  Teflon and Silicon Sheets

6.  Hole Punch

7. Skillet

8. metal pans

9. Rub and Buff



1.   Hot melt glue gun that takes 12mm glue sticks (electric or gas)

2.  Old dishcloth or towel

3.  Hair band/alice band (anything to keep hair of your face whilst we’re casting)

4.  Heat gun


Feel free to bring along any silicone moulds or paints of your own.






MOSAICS with Anne Langdon


You will create a  fun colourful mosaic using ceramic tiles & learning various cutting techniques. Size approx 300-300.




            Class notes, kit to make your masterpiece, tiles, glue,grout & patterns.



 Safety glasses
 Craft knife with pointed end
& a pair of heavy duty tile nippers.
Do NOT buy cheap ones as they make cutting difficult. 
( they are cheaper to buy online)
Old towels if you are coming by car.


BEADING, Basic Spiral and Peyote Bale    with Sonja Kobelt

  Class fee $25 

Provided for students within fee

Ø  Workbook and charts

Ø  Specialty threads

Ø  Beading needles

Ø  Bead stopper

Ø  1 x Magnetic clasp, guardians and jump rings

Ø  Bead mat


Useful if you have them but there will be some class sets

Ø  2 pair flat nosed beading pliers

Ø  Tiger wire cutters ( scissors will not work )

Ø  Fireline scissors ( ordinary scissors will be ruined )

Ø  Thread burner


Students need to bring

For Spiral Rope

Ø  Size 8 seed beads , either hex cut or plain round for core of spiral rope

Ø  Size 11 seed beads, in 2-3 colours

I use good quality Japanese or Czech glass beads for best results.

The quantity you purchase will be governed by your choices, to make samples for reference, a bracelet or necklace, with or without matching Bale.

Ø  Spectacles or magnifier if you need it for fine work.


For Peyote Bale

Ø  Size 11 seed beads, in 2-3 colours (these can be more of the rope colours if the bale is to be used with rope or another combination.)


 If you have any questions or would like a prepacked kit of beads contact me ...... 

Sonja's EMAIL 

SUNDAY 28th OCTOBER, 9am to 5.30pm

POLYMER BOWL with Pam Annesley












Learn how to make these stunning beads and pendants. In the polymer clay component, you will learn how to layer clays to mimic the look of ivory and to shape and indent beads and pendants and then colour them with pan pastels. We will also talk about the various ways to finish and antique the clay. You will also learn how to use silver metal clay to make the ‘bling’ of the bead caps and bails, includes finishing, firing, polishing and antiquing with patina. The beauty about the way the beads are attached to the bead caps is that they are a mechanical fix, so won’t ever come apart. If you’re new to any of these materials, you’re in for a treat as the learning curve is quite quick and you’ll produce results as good as these in one day.



    KIT COST $ 54 or $75 (see below)

9g PMC3  $35 enough to learn (or 16g PMC $56…can make more bails and bead caps)

1 x Sculpey Premo Ecru (56g) $3.85

1 x Sculpey Premo White (56g) $3.85

1 x Sculpey Premo Translucent/frost (56g) $3.85

Misc shared materials such as silver clay paste, pan pastels, paint, varnish, butane torch gas etc ($7)

Total: $54 (smaller silver clay pack)

Those wishing to make more bead caps and bails, please state that you want larger pack Total: $75 



 Pasta machine if you have one, if not, can borrow mine

Ceramic tile or tempered glass work surface

Roller…Lucite roller or piece of poly pipe 10cm or more.

Lucite or acrylic slab to roll beads (or an old plastic cd cover)

Tissue blade (if you have, I will have spare)

Small pointed painting brush x2 for fine detail

Alcohol based hand wipes or paper towels

Cling wrap and baking paper

Knitting needle or similar smoothing tool

Ball stylus tools and carving tools…or anything that can be used to indent patterns into clay

2 small jars cup sized or smaller (one with water, one with a couple tablespoon olive oil)

Wet/dry sandpaper 400grit, 800grit, 1200grit

5-10 cm fine silver or sterling silver wire 22 or 20 gauge

A few large 2 cm-ish marbles or large round beads in glass or polished stone (will be draping/drying silver bead caps over these)


 NO FEAR PAINTING and DRAWING with COLLAGE   with Gaye Nieuwenhof

We will begin sketching outdoors, then complete the work in the studio.

Composition, colour and texture will be covered. We will be using Acrylic paint along with Charcoal, ink, pastels and collaged elements.

We will be using sticks to draw with.

This workshop is for all levels from beginner to advanced.



 A3 paper pad with 12 sheets of heavy paper.

Acrylic Gel Medium: I will bring this to share.

Gesso:  I will bring this to share.

Set of brushes

Vine Charcoal.

Coloured pencils.

Soft pastels.

Black ink.

4B pencil



 Acrylic paints:  Red, Blue, Yellow, Black and White or what you have.

Collage papers of your choice: These can be from magazines, wrapping paper or even your own handprinted papers. i.e. Jelly prints. (thin paper is better).

Glue stick

3 Spray bottles for water: Can be a recycled bottle with sprayer.

Palette knives for mixing paint.

Palette – can be a plate or a disposable palette.

A notebook. Pencil/Pen.

Apron and wipes for hands.

Hat – as we will be going outside initially.




 CLICK HERE to contact Gaye



PAVERPOL WARRIORS with Janice Laurent


 In this full day workshop you will  learn how to use the newly released Paverscrub and Artstone  to get a Marble look  on the body of your sculpture.

We will then add Paverplast and Paversand to make a sculpting clay for effect for headgear and clothing or base.










 Includes enough of the following to make one 50cm warrior .




 Paverscrub in choice of colour


                                                 Wooden Base                                                                  

Timber rod

Polystyrene body and head

Various Fabrics for dressing your sculpture


Some beading and braiding.

Metallic paints for highlighting and brushes




Although Some beading will be provided the dramatic neck adornment will not.

You can bring your own Braiding or make something from beads purchased at the retreat.


There are 5 Paverscrub colours to choose from.




Black granite (as in picture)

Terracotta (Also shown in picture)


SCULPTING with Lex Sorrentino

 In this workshop you will learn to sculpt 3 or 4 faces in Makin's Clay to create a collage block.  Extra detail will be added to each of the 4 sides to cover the block completely. Approximate size is 25cm x 12 x 15cm.

 There is a chance this will not be completed in the day. Small detail can be added at any time ( later that evening or at home).



which includes....
500gm Makins Clay
4 pairs of eyes
The block



Ideas for a theme !! 
(My theme is FAE FOREST FOLK)

Clay sculpting tools

Roller or pasta machine

An extruder maybe useful, but not necessary. 



MONDAY 29th OCTOBER, 9am to 12 noon



This workshop will demonstrate the use of the newly released Paverscrub.

You will cut out a polystyrene shape of choice, fish or another shape (stencils supplied), then cover with Paverscrub and put pieces together all within the time allotted. Approximate size is 25cm.

This is a fun easy workshop but you will be astounded what you can do with this product.

It is addictive, I can vouch for that.



KIT COST  $40 

Kit includes

Wooden base

Glass eyes


Polystyrene for cutting

Container of Paverscrub enough for several projects (choice of colour)

Half Container of  Artstone

Small tub of  Paverpol for several projects


For class use

Polystyrene hot wire cutter


Paints and brushes


There are 5 Paverscrub colours to choose from.




Black granite (as in picture)

Terracotta (Also shown in picture)



BLUE PRINTS with Pam Annesley



A photographic printing process that produces a cyan blue print using UV light and salts. Make you own personal blue print picture.







Pam will let you know wnen you purchase your kit. 


Click here to contact Pam





Tearing up paper is very therapeutic and lots of fun - just the kind of activity to finish off the retreat!  In this short workshop, we will create unique art tags, suitable for gift giving, art journal pages or the beginnings of a tag art book.  While this approach to collage is very liberating, this workshop will help you to develop and practise elements of good design and colour.   

Each workshop participant will be given a “lucky dip” kit of tags and papers, cloth and ephemera chosen for its association to the theme “Natural Elements” (earth, wind, metal, fire, or water) 

KIT COST ....Gold Coin Donation on the day


 a pencil, glue stick, scissors and a ruler.