92-96 Corinna St, Phillip 

NOVEMBER, 1st to 4th, 2024

Contemporary Craft Retreat, Canberra

The Contemporary Craft Retreat is a combined Polymer Clay, Metal Clay, Air-Dry Clay, Paverpol, Felting, Beading, Mixed Media Workshop Event. We invite you to learn a variety of contemporary art and craft skills from the cream of Australia's most talented Contemporary Clay, Paverpol and Art/Craft Instructors.
Meet and mingle with like minded people and enjoy wholesome, tasty meals of your choice. The Contemporary Craft Retreat is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a friendly, creative, fun-filled weekend away.....or you may prefer to attend classes for one day only.
Visitors may select and book your Accommodation nearby, there are two options within walking distance.

See 'Pricing and Registration' for explanation of packages available.... 2024 not yet available

Class Times
Arrival Friday 9.30am.....Workshop 10am to 6pm
                                     Saturday 9am to 6pm 
                                   Sunday   9am to 6pm
                                    Monday  9am to 4pm

This is a Community Event, fees go directly to running this not-for profit event which cover venue hire, Instructor fees, advertising and other associated running costs. Organiser's work over the weekend & do not receive any payment for their time & effort.


92-96 Corinna St, Phillip CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA

Contemporary Craft Retreat DONATES
 to .....

2019  Ladies of Samunnat

Namaskar    We are very grateful for your generosity and heartedly thankful for the support. On behalf of ladies of Samunnat they would like to say Namaskar and thank you. Here we are thinking of the donation money could go for the health treatment like cancer. Women are in high risk of cancer here and the treatment is very expensive so we thought if we keep the fund for it, we can at least support like donating for buying medicine or check-ups for our ladies. Now we can start keeping fund for the health treatment. Thank you so much. Danyabad Tapai lai. 🙏🙏🙏
Lots of loveKopila and ladies of Samunnat. 2019

2020, The year of Covid-19     

Namaskar    We are very pleased to know about your generosity at this difficult time. The situation of infection now is spreading in the community so we are very vulnerable. In Spite of all the hard time we have slowly coming back to the work which we need also. We have been lockdown for 120 days which was really stressful and question of the survival. Here is a high risk of infection cause you know our health system. But at this stage in Your initiation of Cotter retreat has donated a huge amount which really makes a difference in our ladies life. We are very grateful and delighted for such a kind and loving generosity. Thank you very very much on behalf of the Samunnat ladies.

With lots of love   Samunnat ladies and Kopila.

2022....... donated to Samunnat and WWF Nature Australia.

Namaste from Tansen in western Nepal to all you lovely Contemporary Craft Retreaters.  I wanted to say thank you to you all.  I can't begin to tell you how much the money will be appreciated. While we have been able to keep selling the jewellery and running the programs, income has dropped significantly (as it has everywhere) and need has increased.   We have more women and children staying at the house than ever before. 


On behalf of all the native species and beautiful natural places you will help with your donations to WWF-Australia, thank you!  Your generous gift will help create a world where people and nature can thrive together.