Metal clay, Polymer clay, Air Dry Clay,
Paverpol, Doll Art & Mixed Media.
OCTOBER 26th to 29th, 2018
Greenhills Conference Centre
Cotter Road, Canberra, Australia


Headwear Challenge and Dress up Parade.......


Once again we are holding a “Retreat Challenge.” It is held on the Sunday night as in previous years.

The Challenge this year will be Headwear……and it doesn't have to be scary or Halloween it can be anything at all….from a Bonnet to a Sculpture of the Sydney Harbour Bridge…….any headdress at all.

It would be fun for everyone to join in but

             it's not compulsory.


          The Rules are Simple

 1/    Any  medium can be used.

 2/    It can be Crazy....Funny... Spooky..... or sweet.....

 3/    The winner will be judged by your peers by way of a ballot and

          Is only open to students not Tutors.  

 4/    You can have as many entries as you like …  

 5/   There will be an additional prize this year for those wanting to  combine their headwear with a costume.

   This is open to students and tutors and the winner will be decided by enthusiastic applause during the parade.


         The Headress Challenge Winner will Receive a

20% discount  off  the  following years attendance fee.

                    donated by Stonecrest Creations.


            The second Challenge being for Combined

            Costume and Headdress will also receive a fabulous prize




Also on the night we will “as in previous years” have a silent auction of  the Headwear.

You do not have to donate your headwear to this silent auction however we do encouraged it.

We know some of you put in so much work into your creations it’s hard to part with them.

The funds we make from the silent auction goes either to our kitty for the following year or as it did last year to a worthy charity.  


          The 2017 funds went toward a substantial donation to the Ladies of Summanut in Nepal.



So put on your “Thinking Headdress” everyone Early this year  and let's see what we get from such a creative and talented lot.


                                      We guarantee again a fun filled night.